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2017 European Cadet Circuit, Tauberbischifsheim, Germany

Congratulation to Coach Tamer and May for the 1st place in European Cadet Circuit in Tauber.

9/22/17 Manchen Firday Night mixed foil Y14 event

Congrats to Jordan!  

Jordan come in 3rd place in Manchen mixed foil Y14.

September 2017 American Challenge RJCC - Region 3

PFC had a great weekend in American Challenge RJCC!

Junior WF:  May got Gold and Justna got 6th

Cadet MF: Justin got 3rd.

Cadet WF: May got Gold, Justina got 3rd and Tinney got 7th.

Great jobs to all fencers!

2017 LFA Albert Chikayev Memorial Div 1A ROC

May got the 1st place in LFA Div 1a event.

Lucky for May, she won against Irem Karamete (European Olympic representative in Rio 2016) in the final bout.

Freehold Fencing E and Under Senior Women's Foil

Jordan got silver in an E and Under Senior Women's Foil event.

Great job! Girl!

8/26-27/2017 Garden State RJCC

Cadet women's foil:  Justina Gold, Tinney Bronze

Junior women's foil: May Gold, Justina 8th

Great Jobs, Girls!

8/19/2017 AIF RCC/RYC

Dom got 7th in Y14 MF and 7th in Cadet MF and got his new rating - D17 - Super!

Lorin got Gold in Y12 WF and Silver in Y14 WF  - Great job Girl!

Angela got Silver in Cadet WE - Great job Angela!

Salma got Silver in Y12 WE - Well done Salma!

Biko got 8th place in Y12 MF - Great job Bilo!


2017 Summer National Cadet WF

May got 7th place in 2017 Summer National Cadet WF in Salt Lake City, Utah

May also got 15th place in Div 1 WF.


BCAF Y12 Men's Foil

Congratulation to Ashton for the 3rd place in BACF Y12 Men's foil event today!

2017 Jeff Wolfe Challenge ROC

Congratulations to Nathan Yu on his 6th place finish in Div 1A men's Foil event.

2017 April National Championships DIV II Women’s foil

Galina with her Gold medal in April National Championships DIV II WF event.
Congratulations GG !!!

2017 American Challenge RJCC – Region 3

Kato got 3rd and renew her B rating!
Dhruthi got 7th place.

Congratulation to both!

Brick City ROC & RJCC

Dhruthi got the first place in Junior women's foil event.


Fairfax 2017 RYC

Biko 3rd place Y10 MF
Salma 3rd place Y12 WE
Salma 7th place Y12 WF

Good job Tolbas!

Boston ROC DIV 1A

Dhruthi got 5th place in DIV 1A event. Congrats!!

Long Beach Grand Prix

May Tieu (USA) vs Kata Kondricz (HUN)

Congratulations on making the 2017 US Cadet Team

May Tieu will represent the 2017 US Cadet Team and she will fence in Cadet World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in April.

NJFA RJCC (Region 3) February 25-26, 2017 – Junior WF

Justina got 5th and Dhruthi got 6th in Junior WF event yesterday. Congrats!!

2017 Manchen Friday Night “U” Foil event

Michael Jung got 1st place and earn his E2017 rating. Congrats!

2017 NJSIAA Fencing Squad Championships

Montgomery Foil Squad - Gold Medal
This is 2nd year in a roll for Montgomery HS to get gold medal in Foil Squad.
Congrats to Lizzy, Laura and May !!!

There are total of 20 High Schools fencing in this event. Montgomery Foil Squad won 52 bouts (out of total of 57). Columbia came in 2nd (51 bouts) and Millburn came in 3rd.

2017 BCAF Y12 Men’s Foil

Dominc got 1st place and Ashon got 3rd place. Great jobs!

2017 JOs Kansas City, MO

May got gold medal in Cadet Women Foil.

2017 Premier RYC

Congratulations to Lorin for her performance in Premier RYC this weekend, got 5th place in Y12 and 8th in Y14 in women's foil events. Good job Lorin!

2017 Coupe Du Monde: Junior Women Foil team, Moedling, Austria

USA JWF team - Gold medal
Team members - Sylvie Binder, Iman Blow, Stefani Deschner, May Tieu

Pisa 2017 Cadet European circuit

May got the bronz medal . Great job May May

2017 Capital Clash Y14 WF

Justina got gold medal

2017 Capital Clash Y12 MF

Dominic got 6th place

NJ Santeli Foil Team Champion

Lizzy, Laura and May

12/29/16 – Cairo, EgyptEgypt Senior Women’s Foil Cup, Cairo, Egypt

May got 1st place in Egypt Senior Women's Foil Cup

Premier Winter Camp – Cairo, Egypt

Premier Winter Camp in Cairo, Egypt - 12/24-12/30/16 Coach Tamer, Justin, May with Egyptian National team

Cadet Women’s Foil Team Event, Cabries, France

USA Cadet Women's Foil team got Gold medal in Cabries, France on 11/28/16 Team members: Natalie, May, Rachel and Emme