Welcome to Premier Fencing Club founded in 2011 by Olympic Fencers. Today, Premier Fencing Club is the proud home to a Junior World Champion, National Champions, National Team Members, Internationally and Nationally Ranked, and Rated Fencers, and multiple Division I recruited athletes at some of the finest schools in the Country.

Our coaching staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of training for the Olympic sport of fencing.  At Premier we tailor training programs to support individual aspirations.  The heart of the Club is our dedicated coaches who have personally fenced on the national and international level.  Every coach at the Club is committed to providing top-notch instruction, training, and education in fencing techniques, strategies, and skills.  We believe that fencing instruction is only part of what a fencing club program should offer.  We also focus on teaching independence, honor, integrity, respect and responsibility.  Premier Fencing Club is dedicated to ensure that all levels of training are provided, whether you are a competitive fencer or you just fence for fitness – or, even if you just fence for fun, and would like to renew your love of fencing.

We are conveniently located in Central New Jersey (Midway between New York City and Philadelphia.), right off Route 1, and within easy reach of major public transportation hubs, and fun spots such as Downtown Princeton or New Brunswick.